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Abazeer, Ltd - الشركة المدينة المنورة,   المملكة العربية السعودية - Allbiz
    Abazeer, Ltd - الشركة المدينة المنورة,   المملكة العربية السعودية - Allbiz
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    Abazeer, Ltd - الشركة المدينة المنورة,   المملكة العربية السعودية - Allbiz

    Abazeer, Ltd, المدينة المنورة

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    Abazeer, Ltd, المدينة المنورة
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    إرسال بريد إلكتروني
    عنوان الشركة: المدينة المنورة, السعودية
    Souk Al Mussadia, No.3 Madinah Road
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    Abazeer has set out since 1982 to facilitate health consciousness by providing 100% value rich, naturally and, where possible, organic grown food and herbs. Whether it’s natural, dried, extracted or fresh plants, Abazeer makes it available from the right environment along with our best of poultry. Abazeer has started to grow in very selective areas organic vegetables, herbs and poultry in respond to the rising demand for as-fresh-as-possible Health products. The company's primary objective is to provide natural and organic food products, dietary supplements and health and beauty aids to our customers in the Kindom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf, while hnoring a commitment to avoid any adverse impact on the environment. Our main premises are located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. As the leading producer and supplier of certified organic vegetables, poultry and cattle products to the Gulf, Abazeer has created a solid niche for itself in the growing market. We are the sole agents for several internationally known brands of nutritional supplements, natural skin care products, and aromatherapy products, which we sell both retail and wholesale to our extensive range of customers.
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